Friday, September 16, 2011


I have been in Eugene Oregon looking for a house since Monday and just signed a contract earlier today. We are very excited - our new home is in the hills of South Eugene, in the Crest Drive neighborhood, on 3/4 of an acre city lot. The house itself is a 3 bedroom single story home built like a tank in 1957. The clap board siding is 1" thick solid wood! It needs a little paint and all new appliances, but under the berber carpet is old oak flooring in perfect condition.

Best of all, in addition to the three bedrooms, it has a 21' x 14' room, with two opposing walls of windows and a fireplace, that will be a new perfect studio for Carol. The studio is right off the living room so I can drop in and bug her even more easily than before! There is also a new hot tub right outside the studio on the deck in which Carol can drink her wine after a long day of painting.

We will start driving to Eugene with our VW, Ford truck, and camper next Saturday and will be closing on the house on Oct 5th.

Thank you again for all your support and for the extraordinarily generous fundraiser that helped make this possible.

- David

Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Plans

Eleven years ago, when Carol and I met, we made plans to move to Oregon in ten years, when my youngest daughter Maddie would be 16. Maddie, her mom, Jennifer, Carol, and I all lived in Austin and we figured when she was 16 she could either live with us or enjoy the adventure of going back and forth.

Along the way, our plans changed. At the peak of the real estate bubble we feared not only  would we never be able to afford land in Oregon, but that if we didn't buy something soon, we wouldn't be able to afford land anywhere. So, we looked for and found affordable and beautiful land and bought 25 acres in Missouri - 15 minutes from Joplin. Hmm.

Then, about three years ago, while Carol was teaching at a workshop, I thought up the idea of selling our too large suburban home just outside of Austin and buying a smaller home in a rural neighborhood near Austin. That way we could have both our country dream and I could continue to be close to my daughter. I found the perfect place in Bastrop and we fell deeply in love with our little country home in the piney woods of central Texas. I was also able to survive a summer of 105 degree days and build Carol's perfect studio.

Well, now our plans have come completely and unexpectedly full circle and we have decided to leave Texas and move to Oregon. And, Maddie and her mom, Jennifer, who is one of Carol's and my closest friends, are coming with us!

On one hand we have lost a home and place, and in many ways a life style, we adored. On the other hand we have been given the opportunity to jump back and fulfill our original dream and move to one of the most gorgeous places on earth - where it rains! This wouldn't have happened without the fire and so I have experienced first hand our amazing human capacity to feel two completely opposing emotions at once.

I want to thank everyone who has sent us such kind and loving support through phone calls, emails, and comments. We are also profoundly grateful, beyond words, for the money raised in the fundraiser that my ex-wife and Maddie's mother, Jennifer, began. I want everyone to know that the money raised will be set aside to build a new perfect studio for Carol!

I can never say it enough - thank you.

- David

Thank You

I have been slow getting back in front of my computer and finding the words to express the profound gratitude I feel.

Carol and I are still in shock and often fall into, what I call, the 1,000 mile stare. We have, however been sustained and lifted up by the outpouring of love, concern, and support from everyone. I sit here with my heart full, but my mind empty of appropriate words. All I can think is Thank You, over and over again.

- David

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Beginning

We experienced some tragedy today. There was a massive forest fire in our home town of Bastrop, which is still raging and threatening the entire town. Unfortunately, we have lost our house, everything in it, and Carol's beloved studio that I spent a year building.

We are all fine, though, and I had enough time to grab the truck and hook up the camper after Carol drove off with Jacob in the VW. So, we are in Austin in our new 24' long home safe and sound.

I am grateful that I have DPW to continue to grow and improve and am comforted to know that so many of you are out there using it.

No worries - this is the beginning of a new adventure.

- David