Friday, August 5, 2011

An Update on PR

Thank you to all who posted comments and sent me emails with suggestions and advice about PR and my idea of enlisting our members to help.

I have newly realized two things: 1. Our members are too busy painting to worry about helping DPW with PR; and 2. I have a lot of experience developing websites, but not so much with PR.

So, I have retained the PR services of Jennifer Marine, the owner, is the same Jennifer that offers very effective online interactive classes on setting up your blog, a Facebook page, and whatever else you need to get started or improve your online marketing. Many of our members have taken her classes and have given her rave testimonials. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes. She even offers free newbie online videos and an cheap newbie class for those still learning the basics of computers and the internet.

For those of you who have noted that Jennifer, Carol, and I all have the same last name, it is because Jennifer is my ex-wife and one of my and Carol's dearest friends. Lucky me that she can help me with PR!

I'll continue to post here and keep you all up-to-date with our progress.

- David


  1. David your mind is always in motion!! This sounds great! Thanks so much for all your scheming. :D

  2. I follow DPW on Twitter. Great way to spin the site out to the universe, but you already know that.