Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make It Easy for Buyers to Buy From You

Are there any tasks you’re avoiding when you post your art that inadvertently create a negative experience for your buyer?

Not pricing your art
When you don’t price your art, a potential buyer has to go through the hassle of contacting you to ask how much a painting they're simply considering actually costs. The yes/no question comes out of sequence in the buying process because they don't even know if your painting is in the running.

If you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, they may also be worried about a couple of things...

Will entering into an email exchange with you make them feel obligated to buy, even if the piece is out of their price range? Will it be awkward and embarrassing to say no? That’s assuming they actually take action and write to you! Many potential buyers will simply delay contacting you “until later,” adding the task of emailing you to their to-do list. And then… they never do. 

Price your work so buyers can easily move forward with a purchase.

Leaving searchable terms blank
One “technical” mistake some artists make is not entering in a genre, medium or keywords when uploading their work for sale. What this means is that buyers will not be able to find your work using the powerful Search functions of DPW. If a buyer doesn’t see your painting on the day it comes out, or on your Facebook page or blog, then it’s not findable later.

Entering a genre or medium in your Art Tracking grid takes only seconds.

Using words to further bring your painting to life
One more missed opportunity that’s easily addressed: tell buyers a little bit about the painting itself in the painting's description and how it is you came to paint it. Some artists freeze up and think, “But I’m not a writer! What do I say?” and either attempt to write something that sounds like it came from an encyclopedia… or, again… nothing at all.

If you let potential buyers know about the inspiration behind your art, or perhaps expand upon random thoughts or impressions you had while painting, it gives them one more chance to connect and identify with your art - and perhaps make it their own.

Be yourself when writing a description - casual and friendly works best.

These three fixes are quick and easy. Give your paintings every possible opportunity to reach happy buyers!

© 2012 Jennifer Newcomb Marine

Jennifer Newcomb Marine is the Marketing and Community Manager of Daily Paintworks. She's an author and blogging and marketing coach.

(photo credit: "gallery series 2" by brendan76)


  1. Very good advise, Jennifer. I was wondering about the "Buy through Email" option and this answered my question about it. Thanks for the article. It's very clear and informative.

  2. Wonderful article. I'd like to buy two paintings by two different DPW artists, but I will NOT embarrass myself by writing to ask them a price if I can't afford it. So there - all you talented people who don't price your work!

  3. I was actually on my Gallery page when I noticed the 'flash' at the top of the page and this was one of the subjects floating by so I clicked on it.
    I never thought about writing a little blurb about the painting but you bet I'm going to do it now!
    Thanks, Jennifer.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Since I joined DPW I have always used the auction method but when my paintings come to the end of their auction period and remain unsold, the banner in my Gallery changes to "Buy through Email". I have had email contacts but, as you say above, the chances of making a sale then are slim. Is there a way of having a price on the banner at that stage without the auction option?
    I have looked for a way to do this in 'Art Tracking' etc but failed to find anything. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi David,
      When you are in Art Tracking,
      Just enter your price next to the name of the painting, and then press pay pal under "task" and set your cost for shipping, then press submit. Unless you don't want pay pal. Then I don't know.

  5. Dear David,

    My apologies for the slow reply. I do believe you resent this to our address, where we do reply promptly.

    That said, Reveille is absolutely correct. One finer point, though - you can enter the price and still sell through email, if you don't enter a Buy URL. I do think though, that if you are wanting to sell a painting, you should at least have a PayPal Buy URL for it.

    Take care,

    - David

  6. Thank you, Jennifer. Great tips simple solutions for getting more eyeballs on you work!