Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A New Dedicated Database Server...

Okay, so this is likely meaningless to most of you, however I just finished migrating DPW to a new dedicated database server.

Previously we were sharing a server with many other websites, which was contributing to the sporadic slowness of the site recently.

Having a new whole database server to ourselves resolves this.

Happy Painting!

- David


  1. It is great to know we have an expert at the helm.Was the process interesting for you... or frustrating?

  2. Dear Julie,

    Ha! I appreciate you asking!

    Yes, it was interesting - I absolutely love that kind of stuff!

    It did take hours on the phone, though, as it was the first time I have ever set up a db server with this particular hosting company,

    Thanks again!

    - David

  3. Not meaningless at all- and I actually understood what you meant. Glad you handled it and that DPW will be at the head of the pack in more ways than one!
    Thanks David!

  4. Agreed with Kathy. More server space = *Like*

  5. Not at all meaningless. It's just more evidence of how much you continue to do to make sure we all have a great experience using DPW. Thank you for everything you do to ensure our success.