Thursday, November 2, 2017

DPW Spotlight Interview: Judy Wilder Dalton

Each week we will spotlight a different DPW artist who will give away one of their best paintings. To enter to win Judy's painting, "Into the Woods" go to Daily Paintworks and click on the link at the top of the page announcing their interview.

From Judy's DPW Gallery:

Judy is a native East Texan, and now resides in the beautiful and peaceful setting of Holly Lake Ranch, Texas. Her work has been exhibited in many national and international exhibitions and solo exhibits Judy has won numerous awards for her paintings, and her work can be found in private and public collections throughout the United States. Judy teaches classes and workshops in creative design and composition. (read more)

Tell us a bit about how you first started painting.

I began painting in my early twenties.  I joined a local art group that had monthly demos and juried art shows. I took as many classes and workshops as I could. Many of the friendships made with other artists have lasted through the years.  I am so happy to see that so many have become successful artists. I believe belonging to a group like that can provide good building blocks for the aspiring young artists.

Did you have any stops and starts in your painting career?

I did have a tough time painting after a divorce, but with the encouragement of other artists and close friends,  I worked past it and began painting again.

Into the Woods
(click to view)

Enter to win by clicking on the link at the top of the DPW home page announcing Judy's interview.

What mediums and genres have you experimented with?

I began with watercolor and oil painting and stayed with them for many years.  Once I tried pastel,  I was hooked.  I put it aside during my time after divorcing and when I started back painting, it was with acrylic on watercolor paper in a very abstract application.  I have been back to pastel for a couple of years now and feel as if I have come home.  I find that what I learn new in one medium always translated in some manner in the other mediums.  I think that contributes to staying fresh and exciting.

Crop Lines
(click to view)

Which ones have "stuck" and which ones have fallen away?

One medium I tried for a while was clay sculpture.  I loved it, but made a decision that I loved color too much.

Which ones are you looking forward to exploring?

I am happy staying with oil and pastel.

Over the Hill
(click to view)

Who or what inspires you most?

Being in nature is probably the best inspiration I have. 

What does procrastination look like for you?

Getting bored will shut me down, but that is when I know it is time to get outside and explore.

(click to view)

What techniques work to ensure that you make time for your art?

Committing to painting daily paintings and posting to Daily Paintworks as been a great motivator for me. 

How do you generally arrive at ideas for your paintings?

I take lots of photographs and travel with some dear friends that love photography.  The travel and the photography give me plenty of resource material to work from. 

(click to view)

What do you feel you are learning about right now as an artist? 

Teaching workshops and classes keeps me excited about art.  I enjoy learning from each students unique vision as well as sharing mine.  I have to be aware of why I make the choices and decisions I make with a painting,  if I am to explain it to my class.

What makes you happiest about your art?

When a painting starts to take on a life of its own and speaks to me.  I love to “listen” to my art.

Thanks, Judy!

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