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DPW Spotlight Interview: Yuliia Meniailova

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From Yuliia's DPW Gallery Page:

Hello! I'm a professional artist. I work mainly with oils and pastels. I'm a member of the Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada, and the National Pastel Society of Russia.

In my work, I focus on color relations, intuitively following the inner harmony of color. At the same time, I study the relationship of different textures to each other. The impasto technique helps me to express my character and my passion for life. The philosophy of my work is love. I love life comprehensively, like brushstrokes in my paintings. I urge you to see that the life around here is made of tasty bits. I work in the Impressionist and Abstract style. As plots, I am attracted to plant forms, birds, people. I try to preserve the simplicity of the subject without detailing or complicating.

2020 - "Cross pastel", Gallery "Exposed," Moscow
2020 - "Red Rock Pastel Society exhibition," online exhibition 2020
"3rd exhibition of the NSP", National Union of Pastelists, online exhibition 2020
"Young Artists," Exhibition Hall, Orenburg 2020
"PASTELIUM" Exhibition Center of St.Petersburg Union of Artists, St. Petersburg 2019
"Between the line and color", Gallery "Exposed," Moscow 2019
"Thirty-Fifth Juried Exhibition," IAPS Web show, online exhibition 2019
"Wet Paint," Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, online exhibition 2019
"Botanicals," Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, online exhibition 2019
"1st NSP Exhibition," National Union of Pastelists, online exhibition

What did you want to be growing up?

Growing up, I was an active child. I loved to do decorative and applied art. I wanted to paint, sing, and bake cakes. As I grew older, I realized that I liked painting the most. I felt that I displayed a talent for painting because I’d heard compliments from my friends. But I didn't understand how an artist makes money in the modern world. Who will buy their paintings? And so I went to study for a modern profession. I became a designer.

When did your artistic journey begin?

I studied design and art teaching. Then I started working as an interior designer. I also worked as a photographer. Over time, I wanted to paint. So I started accepting commissions on paintings and wall paintings. Then I decided to quit because there were so many orders. And I became a full-time artist. As of 2016, I work every day in my artist's studio.

Floral drawing
(click to view)

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Did you have any long periods without creative expression? How did you "get back on the horse"?

Yes, when I first started working as a designer, I didn't paint for a while. We paint so much at the university that I needed to take a break. And the pause was good for me. I realized that I was missing something important in my life. So I started painting again.

What mediums and genres do you gravitate to? Which ones don't appeal?

I like impressionism, abstraction and fauvism. I like to look at watercolors, but I don't paint with watercolors, because this technique is not part of my character. But the pasty techniques reflect my character. So I paint with oil paints, acrylics, pastels.

(click to view)

What was the process like of pinpointing your personal style or finding your voice?

I didn't purposefully search for my own style. It all happened by itself. I've noticed that the more you paint, the more clearly the style comes out. I believe that personal style changes over time, as does the artist themself. Now I paint and my paintings have a certain personal style. Tomorrow everything can change because I also change every day.

Name an artist, well-known or not, who you admire. Why?

I like a lot of artists. Some artists were able to work with the composition. Other artists perfectly simplify the form of the subject. I learn a little from everyone. If we talk about classical artists, I would single out Paul Cezanne. I admire the way the artist worked with color. Of the contemporary artists, I like Milt Kobayashi. He paints so easily and expressively that it is impossible not to note his work.

Somewhere it was a warm rain
(click to view)

If you could offer one piece of advice to your younger, creative self — what would that be?

I would say to myself, don't listen to anyone. I believe that we are all unique. And if we don't use our uniqueness, it will be very boring. My motto - follow your heart, it always tells the truth. In my creative work, I listen to my heart and paint what I feel.

Do you utilize any habits or tricks for winning the distraction and procrastination battle?

I go to my artist's studio and start doing something. For example, I start to sort out the paint or clean the studio. And gradually I begin to paint, without even noticing it.

Spring apricot
(click to view)

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you push forward?

In moments of self-doubt, I look at my old work, analyze it. I see the result, and it inspires me to move on. I also watch movies where people talk about their careers. This is very inspiring because everyone has such different cases. And when there are creative crises, I try to spend even more time in nature. Being in the woods helps me regain my peace of mind and reboot.

What are some of your long and short term goals for yourself or your art?

Short-term goals are to finish a series of works for exhibition. I want to organize my own personal exhibition, and I hope it will be possible soon. I wanted to do an exhibition last year, but because of the quarantine, everything had to be canceled.

Long-term goals - I would like to participate in an art residency. I would be happy to communicate with other artists. To do this, I continue to study English and improve my painting skills.

(click to view)

What does success mean to you personally?

For me, success is doing what I love, which is recognized by other people and among the community of artists. It's important to me that I like what I do. When I hear words of gratitude, I am happy. I understand that I do everything for a reason.

What is one of your proudest moments in your creative life?

I'm proud of myself. There are periods in your work when your paintings are not so popular when your friends do not understand you. But I still trust my intuition and go ahead. I'm proud of my paintings. Every painting I paint with love.

Thanks, Yuliia!

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