Thursday, April 29, 2021

DPW Spotlight Interview: Judie Mulkey

Each week we will spotlight a different DPW artist who will give away one of their best paintings. To enter to win Judie's painting "Something About You" go to Daily Paintworks and click on the link at the top of the page announcing their interview.

From Judie's DPW Gallery Page:

Welcome to my Daily Paintworks' shop. I have pursued my passion for painting and design my entire life. In the 1980s, I studied interior design at The Atlanta School of Interior Design. I then began painting under the direction of Coe Steinwart, a published and multi-award-winning watercolor artist. I also studied under Christian Bradford, a professional and highly collected artist. Several of my watercolors and oils have received awards as entries in juried shows. My favorite subjects are landscapes, cityscapes and figurative painting. My works are available online at, and local galleries. I am a Georgia native and currently reside in Marietta, GA.

What did you want to be growing up?

I grew up in a wonderful small town outside of Atlanta. I vividly remember my dream was to be a secretary and live in Atlanta with friends.

Something About You
(click to view)

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When did your artistic journey begin?

As a child in grammar school, I absolutely loved coloring and collage making. I have such fond memories of those simple times... I can still smell the paste and thick crayons in my mind. I was also fascinated with fabrics and design. In the 1980s, I began Interior Design coursework and focused on interior design for many years. My first painting class was a watercolor workshop that I enjoyed with friends. I followed that with oil painting workshops with several different artists. I was fortunate to have several pieces selected for juried shows and received awards for some of my work.

Did you have long periods without creative expression?

No, I am ALWAYS doing something creative. If there is a day I choose not to paint, you will find me reading about art, watching instructional videos and even teaching painting classes out of my home. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and interior design work.

Mid-Century Revisited
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What mediums and genre do you gravitate towards?

I enjoy painting with oils, acrylics (liquid acrylics in particular are my favorite), watercolors and collage. I gravitate towards abstract in most of my paintings.

Which ones don’t appeal?

All mediums are appealing to me and I have tried most. However, I have not attempted pastels, but I am sure at some point I will!

French Market Shopping Day
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What was the process like of pinpointing your personal style or finding your voice?

My painting process has evolved over time. I am now focused on intuitive painting. When I sit down to begin a painting, I don't typically know what I am going to paint. I start by toning the canvas and mixing some colors. Then, I place some of the colors on the canvas and at that point I decide what to paint.

Name an artist (or artists), well-known or not, who you admire. Why?

I admire many artists both past and present, but the one who stands out for me is Coe Steinwart, an accomplished watercolorist and illustrator of the book, Elf on the Shelf. Coe was my first painting instructor and taught me more than just how to paint. She inspired me and stressed the importance of negative spaces in paintings. One of her most memorable lines was, "Just draw a good shape and paint it!" Simple advice, but so very true.

Tuscan Hillside
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If you could offer one piece of advice to your younger, creative self — what would that be?

Just keep at it... don't give up. If you are not in the mood to paint... read, watch, educate yourself!

Do you utilize any habits or tricks for winning the distraction and procrastination battle?

Not really, I just stick with my painting and creating. I am and have always been very creative. If I am not painting, I am meandering around the art supply store, watching a video or trying a new recipe.

Do You Wanna Dance
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In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you push forward?

I remind myself that this too shall pass. I have always continued to move forward, never giving up.

What are some of your long and short term goals for yourself or your art?

My artistic goals are to continue to paint, to continue to sell my art both locally and online as well as teaching painting in my home.

The French Blue Chest
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What does success mean to you personally?

Artistic success for me is summed up this way - I enjoy when someone admires my work enough to purchase it or inquires with me about my art classes.

What is one of your proudest moments in your creative life?

I experience my most proud moments as an artist in front of my canvas. When I can sit down and have the paints flow - as you know, a painting has a mind of its own - and I am able to enjoy that process and create something beautiful. That is complete artistic and creative satisfaction.

Thanks, Judie!

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  1. Judie’s art work is one of a kind… always something different, colorful and shows her imagination!


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