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DPW Spotlight Interview: Vitali Komarov

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From Vitali's DPW Gallery Page: 

Working in a variety of media throughout his career, including painting, printmaking, and drawing, artist Vitali Komarov’s art is characterized by a focus on colors, shapes, a masterful use of light and shadow, and attentiveness to nature and his details. His vision of the world is full of hope, his paintings uplift the spirit and promise new beginnings.

Vitali Komarov is born in 1968 in Russia, now he lives and works in Lednice, Czech republic. He loves nature and walking and enjoyed painting directly from nature. Embedded in the European tradition, he has been influenced by artists of different nationalities, who taught him never to stop learning and to always enjoy life. Artist’s works are full of life, in which every season offers so many wonderful subjects. His vision of the world is full of hope; his colours are bright, yet sensitive. His works uplift the spirit and promise new beginnings. What really matters to him is to be truthful and simple in conveying his vision to his audience.

Vitali has been inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh and adopted his bright optimistic palette and bold line. Continuing forward, Komarov developed his own style of impressionism with a modern twist. Living in the Czech Republic, Vitaly has been inspired by Andy Warhol, whose parents emigrated from that country in 1914 to the U.S. Vitaly loves Warhol’s originality of composition and the courage seen in his art. As a result artist started producing screen prints in his studio in Lednice. French post-Impressionist Paul Cézanne has played a big role in inspiring Komarov’s artistic creativity including the shape of objects, the liveliness of straight lines and presence of amazingly colored light in his art.

Although primarily self-taught, Vitaly studied at the Art School (1983) and the Restoration School (1987) in Saint Petersburg, both in Russia. Artist regularly exhibits at overseas art fair venues. Vitaly lives in the Czech republic but has traveled widely to find inspiration for his work.

Daisy Flowers
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What did you want to be growing up?

As a child, I didn't want to be anyone. I have always felt like an outside observer of life, of people. 
When did your artistic journey begin? 

Around the age of 20-23, I really wanted to express myself. I realized that I was ripe like an apple on a tree. Before that, I went to school and did what the adults said. But even when we express ourselves, we always repeat someone else's experience. There is no such thing as 100% original.
Open window view landscape
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Did you have any long periods without creative expression? How did you get back on the horse?

I have never had a period without creative expression. I got upset by the disregard of others for my work. It slowed my creativity.

Which mediums and genres do you gravitate toward? Which ones don’t appeal?

I can enjoy all mediums and genres. The only thing I don't like is vulgarity. I also take abstraction hard.

Banana Still Life
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What was the process like of pinpointing your personal style or finding your voice?

You need to take your favorite style or your favorite artist and try to copy his technique and worldview as accurately as possible, with great love and attention. You will be surprised by how much knowledge you will gain. At this stage, you must withstand the accusation of plagiarism. If you are persistent, then you will fall from that foundation into your personal style. But it's a long-distance ride. However, without copying, the path is harder and more mistakes will be made.

Red poppy field
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Name an artist (or artists), well-known or not, who you admire. Why? 

I admire Vincent van Gogh for his love of simple, not showy things, for his amazing rhythm and color. I admire Paul Cezanne for his form, depiction of the air, surroundings, ambiance, airiness. I admire Andy Warhol for decorativeness, courage, frivolity, and subtle humor. I admire the artists of the Renaissance, because jewelers have grown into independent artists.

Iris flower bed
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If you could offer one piece of advice to your younger, creative self — what would that be?

My advice is to find like-minded persons because the youth is very fragile and needs support as the young tree needs staking.
Do you utilize any habits or tricks for winning the distraction and procrastination battle?

Ideas die fast within 3 months, and there are not many good ideas, ideas are valuable commodities. You need to force yourself to implement the idea, even if it begins to die. And then it is not your business to judge the result. There are connoisseurs even for the worst art.

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In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you push forward?

I push forward to visit art museums many times. Museums are expensive and I spent a lot of money. I envy that British museums are free to visit. You need to visit museums literally for the sake of several great paintings. You need to study museum artworks very carefully. Unfortunately, the Internet cannot compensate for live art.

What are some of your long and short term goals for yourself or your art?

My goal is to make sure that my wife does not lose interest in my artwork.

Old willow tree
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What does success mean to you personally?

I don't know the answer to this actual question. I try to drive away thoughts of success. Maybe success is people's memory of you or money? Or success is to do what you want. Waste of life on nonsense is easier than it looks.
What is one of your proudest moments in your creative life?

My proudest moments are to live inside of European culture; touch, see and learn Western art culture directly in person.

Old house in Venice
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Thanks, Vitali!

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