Friday, December 30, 2011

A Few New Features...

I have recently added three new small, but useful, features to DPW:

1. Gallery links on commenter's name
Now, any new comments on paintings added by members after Dec 29th will link to the commenter's DPW Gallery. Simply click on the commenter's name (in blue) in the comments window that pops-up when you click on the little comment counter to the right of an artist's name under a painting thumbnail and the commenter's DPW Gallery will open in another tab or window.

This new feature makes it easier for you to view and comment on the paintings of members who comment on yours!

2. Yearly Totals on the Art Tracking grid
With a hat tip to the tax season, you can now see your Year to Date and Previous Year sales totals at the top left of your Art Tracking grid. These are in addition to the existing Current Month, Last Month, and the Last 30 Days totals.

Here is what is included in those totals: All your paintings in DPW without auctions you have marked as sold that also have a non-zero price in the price column. And, all your paintings in DPW with eBay or DPW Auctions that have at least one bid even if the auction hasn't ended yet. The price of these paintings with auctions is automatically set by DPW to the current high bid of the auction. Keep in mind that this will increase over time if new bids are placed. The reason for this is with an auction, the current high bid can be considered the effective sale price at that point in time.

3. Re-Notify button on the My Auction page
Now you can resend the email, as needed, that notifies the winning bidder on your DPW Auctions by simply clicking the new re-notify button on your my Auctions page.

As an aside, keep in mind the PayPal page and link to it (in the notify email and on the auction page for the winner) is an optional convenience provided by DPW to your buyers, however you are not required to have your buyers use it. Since all purchases in DPW are completely between you and the buyer, you can accept payment in any way you wish.

Often for example, it is necessary to consolidate the purchase of several paintings by one buyer into one payment with one custom charge for shipping & handling. This can be done simply by manually invoicing your buyer directly through your PayPal account for the appropriate amount.

Happy New Year!

- David


  1. Love the new features. Thanks David, you're always working and improving DPW for all of us. I really love the site and appreciate all your hard work. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for doing that! I really appreciate all the great customer service you provide.

  3. Excellent new features! Thank you! On the sales tracking, if I listed something in 2011, and marked it sold in 2012, will it log in my sales totals for 2011 or 2012?

  4. Dear Theresa and Jane, you are very welcome! I must say that many of my best ideas come from our members and visitors.

    Dear Belinda, the total reflects the sold, not the listed date.

  5. Oh my goodness . . . fantastic new features! That was a lot of work I would imagine formatting that widget for everyone. Thank you for all you do . . . I know it's very time-consuming.

  6. LOVE all the changes and additions you have made...thanks sooooo much for an affordable and great way to show the world my art!