Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three New Ways to Market Our Artists...

I am going to start posting the emails I send out to the membership here for those that miss them.

This one went out Sun 2/5/2012:

Dear [Your Name Here],

We've added a new Marketing and Community Manager to our team: Jennifer Newcomb Marine, who will be working with us to help attract more people to see and buy your wonderful art.

Together we are announcing three new ways you and DPW can market yourself and your art:

1. A New Rotating DPW Gallery Widget with only your art for your blog.

The old DPW Gallery Widget was just a static image.

The new one rotates the last 20 paintings from your DPW Gallery live, with titles, sold statuses, and prices. And, buyers can quickly click on the rotating images to go to DPW to buy your paintings. Click here to see an example in Carol Marine's blog (on the right and down the page).

This is one more great way to show and sell your work through DPW.

To get your DPW Gallery Widget code for your blog, simply log into DPW, click the my Gallery link at the top of the page, and then click on the my Gallery Widget link at the top of your Gallery.

Each week day Jennifer will be posting daily picks, a daily Quirky Search through our over 32,000 paintings, articles on marketing, and a weekly interview with one of our members.

Be sure to come by and post to our FB page during the DPW Weekend Show each weekend, which is open to all our members.

3. Our New page on Pinterest.com - it will dazzle you!

We will be addictively pinning many of your paintings on our Pinterest page everyday. If you have a Pinterest account,  you can pin paintings from DPW to your page, as well. Just look for the Pin it buttons.

We are just rolling all this out and already have hundreds of people following our new Pinterest boards and repinning our pins after only one day. And, in the same timeframe, both our Facebook and Pinterest pages have resulted in over 250 new visitors to Daily Paintworks!

Happy Painting!

- David

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