Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Announcement!

After months of development we will soon be announcing and rolling out a big new feature that we are very excited about.

Tune in at 11 am CST this Wednesday to the Artists Helping Artists BlogTalk Radio Show with Leslie Saeta to hear all about it.

- David, Carol, Jen, & Sophie


  1. You big tease(es??).

    Can't WAIT for the show times two now!! :D

    And if I haven't told you in a while, or like ever, you guys rock in an all out glorious way.

  2. Aww.. yer killin me! I'll be at work so I'll have to wait even longer. Thanks by the way for developing such an amazing site, I'm constantly impressed by how well thought out everything is. Love it!

  3. An iPhone app by any chance? ;-) Can't wait for the announcement. Thank you SO very much David for the efforts you put into making DPW truly spectacular!

  4. Very excited! Great idea...can't wait! Sounds awesome! From someone who is unable to go and get into workshops...this is for me. :)

  5. Already did byte (grabbed) them all...thanks!!