Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Post - Welcome!

I want take a moment to welcome all of our new members - we are currently at 234 artists and growing!

So, welcome - we are very happy to have you all!

As our group has grown, I have realized that I need  a way to easily communicate with our members. Well, nothing is much better for that than a blog!

What you won't read here is me pontificating about art or art marketing. Instead, this is where I can tell you about what's new and what's coming on DPW.

If you are a member, please be sure to subscribe to this blog so you will be up to date with what is and what will be happening on Daily Paintworks!

- David


  1. Great idea and thanks so much for all you and Carol are doing!

  2. How about being able to subscribe to this blog. That way we can be sure we don't miss any news.

  3. Thank you David. As a new member... one not entirely comfortable with social networking, but aware of it's benefits, it's so nice to participate in a venue that I have confidence in. I have followed Carol's blog for awhile and although I'm mostly a silent friend, I appreciate you both... and the opportunity to show my work "under your umbrella".

  4. I think you and Carol are leading the way for the benefit of ALL the members and not just yourselves. A lot of thought and planning has gone into doing all of this.

    I hope this endeavor is successful for everyone.
    thank you... thank YOU!

  5. Thanks so much David for providing the new DPW platform. I am so pleased to be apart of this talented group of artists. Love that you started a blog too--following it in my google reader. Wishing everyone Good Luck! Love Carol's work--cheers to you for all your hard work! :D