Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome Back Karin Jurick!

Karin was one of the very first members of DPW. Unfortunately, back then we had a firm policy on frequency of posting. And, because she was, at the time, beginning to focus more on supplying her galleries and so was posting less frequently, she volunteered to fall on her sword, be true to the group's policy, and resigned.

It's a stupid policy that requires such a talented artist and wonderful person to leave. We have learned a lot since then!

Well, she has returned to DPW, and I am thrilled!

- David


  1. Wonderful! Awesome news for all:)

  2. Thank you David - and thanks to all who've welcomed me. I'm proud to be a part of DPW.

  3. Great to have one more fantastic and well known artist on DPW

  4. What a wonderful portrait!
    I'm the latest blog follower, looking for some inspiration and hoping to learn from the pros.
    I'll be back :)