Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crowdsourcing Publicity, cont.

One of our members kindly pointed out that it would likely be a journalistic, if not ethical, breach for stories to be solicited on our behalf by our members and visitors, if we pay them.

I can see this and so am clarifying and evolving the idea. This is why I am blogging about this, so I can receive ideas and feedback, and then improve the approach, as needed.

So, here is version 2.0: DPW would pay for anyone who gives us a media contact that results in a story with appropriate national exposure. In this way, we write the proposal, solicit the story, and then pay the person who provided the contact - there is no conflict.

It has been suggested that we hire a PR firm. Well, it may come to that. However, we have always envisioned DPW being very affordable. The trade-off of course, is there isn't a lot of money to spend on paid-for advertising and PR.

As I said in my previous post, I am a big believer in what a large group can get done, and DPW, now at about 450 artists, is a fairly large group.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

- David


  1. Have you gotten any bids from PR firms? It wouldn't hurt to have a idea of the cost.
    I love the idea of keeping it in-house, but to be honest, if I had any good contacts at Time, News Week, NPR, USA Today, etc. I'd have used them to promote myself a long time ago. I expect that's going to be the case with the rest of us.

  2. David,
    First, I want to say that you have done a fabulous job of desiging DPW's! I think at least for awhile and through this tough economy keeping the cost down is important... perhaps necessary. I think it might be best to keep it in-house at least for now. I would like to see more posts on FB. Perhaps you could routinely post Today's Art and Featured Art daily.
    I wish you continued success with DPW and me too!

    Warm regards,
    Judy Joy Nocifora