Friday, July 22, 2011

Germany and Sophie

As those that follow my wife, Carol's, blog already know, we have been in Germany since July 5th. The quick back-story is I was adopted from Germany in 1965 and found my non-English speaking German birth-parents about three years ago. We visit once or twice a year -so far six times - and are gradually improving our German all the while.

It is startlingly beautiful here in the Black Forest, in the south-western-most corner of Germany. You simply have to just stop and be dumb-founded several times a day. And what's strange, is we are surrounded by people that actually live here and just go about their daily business. Is a daily commute simply a commute if it's through paradise?

So, this talk about our time here in Germany gives me a chance to introduce my oldest daughter, Sophie, who as our first employee, has been helping me tremendously as our full-time front-line support person. She is still learning on the job, and has to pass some issues on to me here and there, however she is smart, sweet, kind, and is really dedicated to helping. Thank you Sophie.

- David


  1. A daily commute through paradise? I like the sound of that. And welcome Sopie! :D It's nice to get to know you two a little better.

  2. So glad to hear a little bit about Germany- sounds wonderful. Also just know that Sophie will do as wonderful a job and care as much as the rest of the family about DPW:) Welcome and thanks in advance already Sophie!